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Open the word documents below to begin working on your projects:

Social Studies Fair Information Summary:

  • Students must complete a research paper, visual aid that includes a model and display board
  • Research paper MUST be 3-5 pages typed! No exceptions!
  • Students should use NoodleTools to take notes about the research they find, to make an outline, and to cite their sources.
  • Students should type their paper using Microsoft Word, size 12 font, Times New Roman. Papers should be in paragraph form and indented.
  • Look at the word documents above to see what is included in the research paper, how to create the physical display, rules and regulations of the fair, and how to login from home to use the library databases for research.
  • The report must be placed in a folder and must be typed! Handwritten projects will not be accepted.
  • Late projects will not be accepted!
  • Plagiarized projects will result in an F and will be subject to disciplinary action. Simply copying and pasting information that you find and putting it into your research paper is plagiarizing. It must be written in your OWN Words!


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Library Homepage
World Book Online
Gale Reference Library
Webpath Express

Username: gretna
Password: tornadoe

Password: tornadoe

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